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Because Internet.

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circumhorizontal arcs photographed by (click pic) david england, andy cripe, del zane, todd sackmann and brandon rios. this atmospheric phenomenon, otherwise known as a fire rainbow, is created when light from a sun that is at least 58 degrees above the horizon passes through the hexagonal ice crystals that form cirrus clouds which, because of quick cloud formation, have become horizontally aligned. (see also: previous cloud posts)

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a little love story about mermaids and tattoos

I loves this

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you fuckin assholes


you fuckin assholes

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This is amazing.



This is amazing.


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Lotusmon, Lilymon, and Lilamon in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (x)

Operation Decode Petition

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{Δ} : emos suck my goth balls.


{Δ} : emos suck my goth balls.


Photo 24 Jul 6 notes UQ Holder bringing up parts of Negima: the reason I wake up in the morning.

UQ Holder bringing up parts of Negima: the reason I wake up in the morning.

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i’m trying to reread mahou sensei negima because i really loved it when i was younger and yes it’s a harem manga but it’s also starring a ten year old boy so i was like what the hell it can’t be that awful looking back on it

it’s not awful but i forgot that the entire first…

Setsuna and Konoka are my favorite lesbian couple in manga. And don’t get me started on how strong a character Nodoka becomes. I could talk about her inspiring character growth for hours.

I read Negima at a good time. I started when I was young enough to really enjoy the harem aspects, but as I grew up, it did as well.

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